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Sage Cheshire Aerospace Stratospheric Research Capsule

Sage Cheshire Capsule


Sage Cheshire Aerospace
Makes Stratospheric Research Reliable, Accessible and Affordable

Imagine a pickup truck for your research payload.
This is it.

Gently lofted into the stratosphere with weather balloons, our open gondolas or pressurized capsules can accommodate research payloads of varying sizes & weights. Inside the capsule is a 6-foot-diameter pressure sphere that has been thoroughly tested and which can maintain pressurization for the flight duration. Our open gondolas are ideal STEM projects and educational research missions.

Sage Cheshire Aerospace works with our key balloon-launch partners to provide an end-to-end solution for those needing to do high-altitude research. Just contact us with your payload requirements for pricing and scheduling.

Key Features:

  • 2,400 watts on-board continuous power for ~10 hours
  • Soft take-off and landing

  • Protected & pressurized payloads
  • Station-keeping maneuverability
  • Communication downlinks

  • Professional flight crew
  • Custom branding & marketing opportunities
  • Ideal for university research programs and STEM initiatives

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