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Sage Cheshire Aerospace CNC Machining, Large Gantry 5 axis Milling

Aerospace Part Fabrication

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Some of our aerospace CNC machining


• Precision milling (0.002 accuracy) up to 60” x 24” x 24”
• 4-axis guidance
• Aluminum, steel, titanium, Inconel, ABS, etc.


Large Gantry CNC Mill - 4 axis

Machining Area
11' x 20' x 4' 

Material Range

• Aluminum Sheets, Block

• Urethane Foam (All Densities)

• EPS Foam

• Fiberglass, Composites

• Soft/Hard Wood
• Acrylics, Polycarbonates

• Epoxy Tooling Board

Precision Large Scale Machining of Tooling Plugs, Molds & Parts

Our combination of CNC machines allows us to utilize each for its strengths. This is beneficial for our clients who can see the difference in their budget and timeframe. We utilize state of the art CAM technology to create accurate tooling for an accurate part. Our 5 axis CNC Mill is capable of performing on large-scale objects as well as conventional and small size machining.

Toolpath Generation, Machining Plug, Polyprimed Plug


OMAX 80160 JetMachining Center

156" x 72" x 6" cutting capacity
(steel, aluminum, granite, wood, etc)

CNC Hot Wire Cutting - 4th axis rotary

Material: EPS Foam

Area: 4' x 8' x 6'
• Cutting at 55"/min (140 cm/min) and rapid moves at 1,200"/min (3048 cm/min)
• Two 8'-4" (254 cm) long wires double production output
• Wire lengths between 2' (61 cm) and 16'-4" (498 cm) long


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