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Sage Cheshire Aerospace Case Study on G3 Fairing

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Sprayed Primer on Composite Fairing

Machining Plug - High Density Urethane Foam

Composite HighTemperature Master Mold

G3 Camera Pod Fairing

From Engineered 2D Drawings to a Final Part!

Our client provided 2D engineered blueprints from which we created a 3D CAD model. The next step was machining a master plug that was used to produce a high temperature fiberglass mold. From this production mold the composite parts were produced and finished off with epoxy primer. 

Although many clients may provide IGES files that can speed up the process we offer in house design and CAD support for projects that were previously drafted in 2D or even from a conceptual design or sketch. Once we have produced or been provided the IGES files we can then produce the tool paths to start right away with CNC and tooling.


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