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Sage Cheshire Aerospace Case Study on X37 Pylon Assembly for NASA DFRC

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Final Composite Part

Composite High-Temp Master Molds

Engineering Model

Final Mortar Tube Assembly

Final Mortar Tube Assembly

Composite Fabrication

X37 Pylon Assembly – NASA DFRC

This project entailed the complete outer shell for the pylon for use under the B52H model, the parachute/camera mortar tube assembly mounted to the back of the pylon and the development and fabrication of the fairing assemblies for the X37 drop model..

  • Pylon support assembly for mounting to the B52H model.
  • Mortar tube assembly and camera pod – for deployment of a drag parachute.
  • X37 drop model flown under B52H on pylon assembly and pulled clear using mortar drag chute assembly.
    High-Temp. Toolling / Pre-Preg. Fiberglass Lay-Up
    Nose Cone Composite Tools.
    Composite Tail Section with Nomex Core    

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