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Red Bull Stratos Technology & Science Team | Sage Cheshire Aerospace

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Sage Cheshire Aerospace:
Prime Contractor for the
Red Bull Stratos Mission

To simply say that we were the prime contractor on this scientific mission understates the value we gave to the program. The naive assumption that Red Bull Stratos was a 'stunt' stems from willful ignorance of the science of human physiology as it relates to the exploration of the ignorosphere, a part of the atmosphere we know very little about due to the difficulty in studying it. The fact that long-standing skydiving records were broken in the process of developing new space suit, circuit breaker and high-altitude-egress technologies is almost incidental. However, the breaking of those records should help illuminate the vital research and technological developments which will help humans survive the hostile environments on this planet and beyond. The data gathered from Red Bull Stratos is already in use by the Air Force and NASA in their high-flying aircraft and Sage Cheshire's patented technology will make future forays into the unknown safer with higher degrees of success.

Sage Cheshire Aerospace wrote the original outline of this mission and subsequently was directly responsible for these areas among others:
• Ergonomic capsule (proof of concept)
• Space suit development
• Materials & component procurement
• Capsule / pressure sphere design & construction
• Flight clearances
• Flight testing all components
• Chest pack design & construction
• Altitude chamber testing
• Temperature chamber testing





Art Thompson -
Co-Founder Sage Cheshire Aerospace
Technical Project Director - Red Bull Stratos
Fabricating Frame for Pressure Capsule
at Sage Cheshire
Test Jump over Mojave Desert, CA
from 33,000 ft.
From Left to Right, Jonathan Clark - Medical Director, Art Thompson - Technical Project Director Felix Baumgartner - Test Pilot, Skydiver, Base Jumper & The Man to Jump, Colonel Joe Kittinger - 50 year Record Holder

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